Gemstone Guide



Natural ruby is known for its magnificent red colour, Ruby itself is taken from the Latin word ‘Ruber’ – which means red. It stands for the roles of power and lover, involves allot of emotion. Ruby is a very strong stone, placed after diamond. You can also get rubies in a slight pink shade. Most of the world’s rubies were mined in Burma and Mozambique.


Emeralds are quiet tough stones; in the rank of toughness, they get placed just below the Sapphire and Ruby with the hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the scale. They usually have allot of natural imperfections. So, they get graded how they appear to the naked eye. If there aren’t any visible flaws they get considered as flawless.

Majority of the Emeralds originate from Colombia and Zambia. But can also be found in countries like Australia, Afghanistan and Canada. Many see the Emeralds as a sign of good luck.


Classic sapphires usually come in blue colour, they are precious gemstones and is the third hardest stone gemstone after Diamond and Moissanite. Sapphire has various elements found within them, such as Iron, titanium and chromium. Every element will have its own effect on how the stone appears in the shade colour.

Sapphires are all around the globe but mainly sourced from Cambodia, India, Colombia, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka.


Aquamarine are semi-precious gemstones, they are mined almost all around the globe most of the locations being Brazil, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Tanzania and Kenya.

One of the finest aquamarine has been mined from the Itabira mine in Menas Gerais in Brazil, named the Santa Maria.

Although aquamarine is a semi-precious gemstone, on the mineral hardness scale they are ranked as 7.5 to 8. People often wear aquamarine and use it as a healing chronic pain gem, besides its exceptional beauty.


Tanzanite gets classed as semi-precious gemstone. Tanzanite is a very rare gemstone even compared to a diamond. But is valued far less than a diamond.

The name Tanzanite comes from the place Tanzania where it originally was discovered. Tanzanite comes in different various of colours such as Grey, Yellow, violet bluish and many more. In terms of durability tanzanite is ranked as a 6.5 on the scale, the diamond being a 10 on the scale.

It is mainly used for being aid in detoxifying the body and improving vitality, it also is known for holding attributes of good luck and prosperity.